The first edition of the 1960’s was won by France. Jacqueline Boyer scored most points with her song Tom Pillibi.

Jean-Claude Pascal won for Luxembourg in 1961 with the song Nous les amoureux.

France won for the third time in 1962. Isabelle Aubret earned the first place with her song Un premier amour.

In 1963 the first duo won the competition. Grethe & Jørgen Ingmann won with the song Dansevise for Denmark. She sang and he played the guitar

Italy won for the first time in 1964. 16-year-old Gigliola Cinquetti won with the song Non ho l’età. There is no original footage left of the 1964 Song Contest because the tapes were destroyed in a fire.

In 1965 France Gall won for Luxembourg with Poupée de cire, poupée de son.

Udo Jürgens won for Austria in 1966. His song was called Merci, Chérie.

The first English song to win the Eurovision Song Contest was Puppet on a string by Sandie Shaw, representing the United Kingdom.

The first competition that aired in color was the one from 1968. Spanish singer Massiel won with the song La la la.

1969 was the most exceptional year of the Eurovision Song Contest. Four countries earned 18 points, resulting in a tie-break situation. However, at that time the EBU didn’t have a solution to decide who was the ultimate winner. France, Spain, The Netherlands and The United Kingdom were all declared as winners of the competition.

France: Frida Boccara – Un jour, un enfant

Spain: Salomé – Vivo Cantando

The Netherlands: Lenny Kuhr – De Troubadour

The United Kingdom: Lulu – Boom bang a bang