Italy won in 1990 with the song Insieme 1992, sung by Toto Cutugno.

Sweden won the Eurovision Song Contest in 1991. Carola won with the song Fångad av en stormvind.

In 1992 Linda Martin won for Ireland with Why me?. The song was written by Johnny Logan, making him a three-time-winner of the Eurovision Song Contest.

Niamh Kavanagh won with the song In your eyes in 1993. She represented Ireland.

In 1994 Ireland won for the third time in a row with Rock ‘N Roll Kids by Paul Harrington and Charlie McGettigan.

Nocturne won in 1995. This song was mostly instrumental, performed by Secret Garden, representing Norway.

In 1996 Ireland won the Eurovision Song Contest for the seventh time with the song The Voice by Eimear Quinn.

The United Kingdom won the competition in 1997 with the song Love Shine a Light. Performers of the evening were Katrina & The Waves

Dana International, a transsexual singer from Israel, won in 1998 with her song Diva.

The song Take me to your heaven won in 1999. Charlotte Nilsson represented Sweden.