Ireland: Zena Donnelly – ‘Bríce Ar Bhríce’

It starts off slowly but the tempo rises up towards the end of the song. Nice song but too forgettable for the competition, in my opinion. 6/10

Armenia: Anahit & Mary – ‘Tarber’

Armenia is Always quite successful in the JESC and I think this year will be no exception. It’s a good song, that makes you want to dance. The girls are both 13 years old and really energetic. I think this song will be in the top 5. 7,5/10

Albania: Klesta Qehaja – ‘Besoj’

Klesta is only ten years old but has a very powerful voice for her age. I don’t really like the song ‘Besoj’ because it’s a typical Eurovision-ballad. There’s nothing special to it, besides that her voice is amazing. 5/10

Russia: Water Of Life Project – ‘Water of Life’

The voices of the girls fit really wel together. The song itself is okay, but not something I would listen to by choice. But it’s Russia so this will automatically be in the top 5. 6/10

Malta: Christina – ‘Parachute’

The song has a really happy melody and optimistic lyrics. The song is obviously not as good as last year’s entry but the voice of Christina has a high range, I just hope she reaches the high notes live. If she does, this song can score surprisingly well, I think. 7/10

Bulgaria: Lidia Ganeva – ‘Magical Day’

First of all, I really like the Bulgarian language. The girl has a really childish voice but I like that because it’s still the JESC after all. I think it’s a song that you have to listen to a few times in order to like it. I like it, though. 7/10

F.Y.R. Macedonia: Martija Stanojkovic – Love Will Lead Our Way

It’s a very modern song. I don’t really like the sound of the girl’s voice, but that’s personal. Reading the reviews and comments, this song apparently has a good chance of winning. Not my type of song. 6/10

Poland: Olivia Wieczorek – ‘Nie Zapomnij’

This girl has a really good voice. It’s a ballad, which I think is not so successful at the JESC. At the end of the song there’s a part in English. I prefer native languages, but the English part makes it understandable for everyone in Europe. 6/10

Belarus: Alexander Minyonok – ‘Musyka Moih Pobed’

Alexander is only thirteen but sings really powerful. The song is okay, but I think the popularity of this song will depend on the live performance. I like the energetic dancing. 7/10

Ukraine: Sofia Rol – ‘Planet craves for love’

I don’t like this song. I think the performance won’t be real interesting to watch. The girl sings really well but it’s just not my type of song. 5/10

Italy: Fiamma Boccia – ‘Cara Mamma’

I like Italian songs. The girl has a good JESC-voice. The song is about her mother and I think this will be quite popular in Europe. Good chance of winning. 7/10

Serbia: Dunja Jeličić – ‘U la la la’

The girl has a deep voice, that’s not something I normally like. The song is memorable, the la la la part stays in your head. That’s a good thing’. 7/10

Israel: Shir & Tim – ‘Follow My Heart’

I really like the Hebrew parts. I just don’t think they will perform this song well. It’s somewhere in between a ballad and an uptempo song. 6,5/10

Australia: Alexa Curtis – ‘We Are’

This song sounds really professional and almost too good to be in JESC. It’s not my style of songs to be honest but I’m convinces that it will do well. 6,5/10

The Netherlands: Kisses – ‘Kisses and Dancin’ 

This is a song I really like. I understand the language which automatically makes it better, I guess. It has a disco-feeling and is just really happy. The lyrics are easy to sing-along. I think this has a big chance of winning, and it would be a deserved winner in my opinion. 8,5/10

Cyprus: George Michaelides – ‘Dance Floor’

It’s the only dance song this year, so it really stands out. The instrumental parts are amazing and I hope the performance will be as great. The vocals are good, but not special. This song just evolves around the music and the – hopefully – good performance. 9/10

Georgia: Mariam Mamadashvili – ‘Mzeo’

I like the language, it makes the song more fairytalelike. The girl sings amazingly well, but it’s a ballad (not my style, as you may already know). I’m impressed at the end of the song by her vocal range. I just think this is too forgettable. 5/10