I didn’t really like her performance. It was like she wanted to show everything she could do with her voice, which made it look like she put different songs together.


I expected so much more from these girls. The energy was good and the costume change was spectacular but I wasn’t a fan of their voices. It was more “screaming” than singing, in my opinion.


The live version was so much better than the videoclip. The way she sang was amazinly peaceful and reallu enjoyable. I was pleasantly surprised by this 10 year old girl and her performance.



Great performance, something I already knew to be honest. It was a great performance from the Russian girls, good vocals from the lead singer. No remarks.


I quite liked the song but it couldn’t keep my attention. The vocals were okay but other acts were obviously better.


This girl was so adorable but her song was too forgettable. At the end of the song I didn’t remember her performance.

F.Y.R. Macedonia

At first, I thought this had a good chance at winning because it was a modern song. But the performance kind of let me down. It didn’t really work on screen, I think.


The girl had an impressive voice, and that’s the only thing I can say about this song. It’s just so forgettable, I don’t really remember it. Not my type of song, I guess.


One of the more entertaining performances of the show. I don’t really know if I liked it but I really enjoyed his onemanshow, although he had dancers with him on stage. I think this boy will be a Eurovision-star in a few years. I see a lot of potential in the way the acts on stage and in his vocal capacity as well.



As I already said in my first impression, this was not a song for me. Her performance couldn’t captivate me either. I liked the umbrella, though.


Good song from a good singer. I liked her voice and the song itself, only her performance let me down quite a bit. Don’t really know what was wrong with it because I understand that she couldn’t really dance on that type of song, there was just something missing.


This is the song that’s stuck in my head. The chorus was so simple but just unforgettable. I was really dissapointed that she ended in last place. The song deserved a better score.


It wasn’t good but it wasn’t bad either. I don’t really have an opinion about their song and performance. It was the perfect example of an average song.


The girl had enormous star potential, in a few years from now I can really see her be a professional singer. The song was okay, but not suitable for JESC. It was too mature.


The Netherlands

I really like this song. For me this was the best song of the show, both melody and lyrics. I just wasn’t blown away by their performance. I prefer the videoclip.


I enjoyed his dancing and the melody of this song was so good, without doubt the best of the show. I just didn’t like his vocals, his singing was not good enough in comparison with the other performances.


Save the best for last? It appeared so. I have to say that I was pleasantly surprised by her song It’s a cute girl who sings really good, without being over the top. I liked everything about her performance, I just didn’t expect it to score as well as it did. I thought that the juries would see it more as an average song than as a winner.