My name is Ilana, I’m a 21-year-old girl from Belgium. I have been obsessed with the Eurovision Song Contest since I was just a kid. In my family it was tradition to watch the contest at home. We would make our own ranking list of the contestants and choose our favorites to win the competition.

It all changed in 2010 when Belgiums Tom Dice got through to the final. The papers were already saying that we had a chance of winning. I liked the song but those predictions made it even better. The day of the final, I was home alone. I was listening to ‘Me and my guitar’ on YouTube when suddenly I saw the songs of other contestants in the sidebar. One click lead to hours of listening to all the songs of that year. That night, during the final, I caught myself singing along to the songs, even the non-English ones. I decided to do it differently the next year, I would make my list before the competition even started. That way I would be able to really choose my favorite song.

From then on, the obsession really started. Today, my preparation to the Eurovision Song Contest starts with the national selections and goes all the way to getting to know the eventual contestants.

My life consists of the Eurovision Song Contest for half the year. It has become a routine to listen to these songs and analyse them. For me, the contest is the happiest event of the year. It makes me genuinely happy and is able to take me to a whole different world.

I hope to convince everyone of its specialness and I hope to give you a good view at what all happens before that one week of joy. Because it’s really a process that’s worth the follow.

Enjoy my blog!