In my opinion, a good song is one you want to listen to right after you’ve just finished listening to it. It’s a song you never get bored of.

For the Eurovision Song Contest, I like it when contestants sing in their native language. For me, that’s a brave choice because Europe seems to be all about commercialism. A song in a non-English language is almost never likely to do well in European charts. I understand that English is more approachable but it kind of takes away the magic of representing your own country. Plus, some singers don’t have an excellent pronunciation of the English language, so that makes it completely wrong.

I also like ethnic sounds that show the identity of the country. Those songs always intrigue me and make me want to visit the country. So for me, that’s really a good way of profiling the represented country.

Dance songs always do good in my list. Eurovision is traditionally a ballad-competition, mostly to show how good the artists can sing. And I like  dance songs, that stand out from the crowd. A happy song like that uplifts the mood and makes everyone want to join in.

The Eurovision Song Contest is dominated by female power. More than half of the songs are sung by a solo female singer (mostly ballads). But I like it when men sing solo. I don’t really know why but I’ve noticed that a lot of my favorite songs are sung by male artists.

And last but not least I like to see some fireworks!


Belgian songs?

I almost never like Belgian songs in the Eurovision Song Contest. I know that the competition is about supporting your own country but I’m not really fond of that. I’d rather support a song that I like, than just a regular song because it’s sung by someone from Belgium. And I never really like my country’s songs so I mostly place Belgium somewhere at the bottom of my list.

Actually I just hate everything Belgium does regarding the Song Contest. They make television shows about it where “experts” come and talk about how great our song is. They say we have a chance of winning almost every year. When the song then fails, it’s incomprehensible for them. For me those shows should be banned from Belgian television. The so called experts don’t know anything about Eurovision, but they talk in a way that they do.

Of course, there have been good songs from the Belgium corner. Tom Dice will always be among my favorite memories of the Eurovision Song Contest. And there were many more songs that in fact were good, but just got bad reviews. It seems like praising our own songs is a trend from the last few years. For me that’s again all about commercialism. They just want to make people watch the show, for good ratings and not for the show itself. That’s such a shame for me. Today ,the Eurovision Song Contest is revolved around real fans, and not really around occasional viewers anymore. It still is a family gathering, but the fandom keeps getting bigger.


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