Every year there are some songs that are more special than the others. Songs that I keep listening to, even after the competition has ended.

In 2016 my absolute favorite was Russia. Normally, I’m not the biggest Russia-fan, because of their politicalness. Russia goes through to the final every year and always gets points from neighbour countries. That way it’s never really a surprise to see Russia do well at Eurovision. It’s almost like a standard for them to be in the top 10.

Nevertheless, Russia 2016 amazed me. From the first time I listened to this song, I loved it. The lyrics were right, the vocals were perfect and the performance was without doubt one of the best ever in Eurovision history. Russia finished third that year. I think that was a huge mistake, although he won the televoting part, so technically the people of Europe chose Sergey Lazarev as the winner. The jury/televoting discussion is something I would like to discuss in another post but for now I have to say that the juries were wrong in every single way. You are the only one could have been one of the most succesful Eurovision songs. It was so suitable for the radio and it had huge international potential.

For me, Russia will always be the winner of the Eurovision Song Contest 2016. You are the only one is a song that brings back so many great memories and it’s a song that is able to make me happy no mather what. I think that’s exactly why I like Eurovision so much. It has something magical about it that makes me enjoy a song more than any other song.  Enjoy the amazing performance of Sergey Lazarev: