These are the ten songs I voted for:

Dani J – Sin Ti

Javián – No somos héroes

Padre Damián – Thousand suns

Ander y Rossi – Ahora soy yo

Ektor Pan – Perfect Storm

Jon Josdi – Dónde estabas tú

Lem Baquero – Hard To Love You

Nicky Triphook – Daddy’s little girl

Nito – Luna

Shannel – Bailando


My two favorites are ‘Sin Ti’ by Dani J and ‘Dónde estabas tú’ by Jon Josdi. I particularly like these two songs because they are so fun to listen to. These are really happy songs for me, and they make me want to dance. They both have a summer feeling and their style reminds me of Enrique Iglesias. ‘Sin Ti’ is in the genre of bachata, and that’s something I’m obsessed with. So I think that’s my true winner, but I’m not sure yet. But if one of these two songs wins, I’ll definitely be voting for it.