January 2017

The best last places

Today I'm going to talk about songs that finished last, but were actually quite good. The songs I'm going to discuss are songs that finished last in the final, so not the songs that didn't qualify to the final, and... Continue Reading →

Norma John for Finland

ESPOO - Norma John will represent Finland at the Eurovision Song Contest 2017. Norma John is the name of the duo consisting of singer Leena and pianist Lasse. Their song is called Blackbird. They won UMK 2017 by a combination... Continue Reading →

Lucie Jones for the United Kingdom

LONDON - Lucie Jones has been chosen to represent the United Kingdom at the Eurovision Contest in Kyiv. On Friday the 27th of January she won the national final Eurovision: You Decide. Her song is called Never Give Up On... Continue Reading →

UMK 2017: my final top 10

On the 28th of January, Finland will choose their favorite song for the Eurovision Song Contest 2017. Here is my final top 10: 10. Zühlke - Perfect Villain I gave it 4/10 the first time, but I just hate it... Continue Reading →

Tako Gachechiladze for Georgia

TBILISI - Tako Gachechiladze will represent Georgia with the song Keep the faith. She won by a combination of jury votes and televotes. Her voice is really good, I don't deny that. But the song itself is not something I... Continue Reading →

NAVI for Belarus

MINSK - The band NAVI will represent Belarus at the Eurovision Song Contest 2017. Their song Historyja majho zyccia has been chosen by a combination of jury votes and televotes. I don't really know if I like this song. I... Continue Reading →

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