TBILISI – Tako Gachechiladze will represent Georgia with the song Keep the faith. She won by a combination of jury votes and televotes.

Her voice is really good, I don’t deny that. But the song itself is not something I like. First of all, it’s a ballad. A ballad that obviously is written in a way for her to show everything she can do with her voice. Her voice is powerful though, she can take this kind of song. But that’s not something I like to hear. The song is also what I consider a statement-song. With those pictures and videoclips in the background, it’s like she condemns all the thins that are shown (which is normal of course). But I don’t really know what to think of it. Do people that vote for this, vote for the meaning of the song? Because in that case, everyone who doesn’t vote for this kind of approves the clips in that are shown. It does have an international meaning, “keeping the faith” is relevant for everyone in Europe. But for me Eurovision is all about forgetting what is going on in the world. This song brings it back to the stage. Not a song for me, but I guess she will have a lot of jury votes, which will probably make her qualify for the final. 3/10