ESPOO – Norma John will represent Finland at the Eurovision Song Contest 2017. Norma John is the name of the duo consisting of singer Leena and pianist Lasse. Their song is called Blackbird. They won UMK 2017 by a combination of international jury votes and televotes.

I think this is a really hard song to judge. The first time I heard it, I just hated it. I don’t like ballads and this is a huge ballad, it’s so slow. But as I listened to it a few times, I learned to appreciate it and I absolutely get why people like this. Her voice is really great. And at UMK she did have the best vocals (which wasn’t that hard tbh). But okay, it’s a good song. I just doubt that it’s a song for Eurovision. This reminds me so much of Birds by Anouk (ESC2013), and not because it’s a bird-song but it has the same atmosphere. The song has a dark feeling, but I think that’s mostly because of Leena and Lasse. They are quite scary, and I think that their song doesn’t really follow that. The performance is already good, I like the smoke and him playing the piano. That really suits the song. I think people will label this song as “too good for Eurovision” because it’s unusual for the competition. It’s not a song I would listen to over and over but I was impressed with their performance on UMK. 6/10