Today I’m going to talk about songs that finished last, but were actually quite good. The songs I’m going to discuss are songs that finished last in the final, so not the songs that didn’t qualify to the final, and are really the last (as in with the least points). These songs received the least points during Eurovision finals of the last few years. But for me they deserve more credit than the last place.

Anna Rossinelli – In Love For A While (ESC 2011 – 19 points)

The first time I heard this song, I immediately loved it. It was such a sweet song and the vocals were also really good. But coming from Switzerland, I didn’t expect this song to qualify to the final. So when it did, I was so excited. 2011 was the first year that I really got into Eurovision and the year I first started listening to the songs before the competition. I will always remember this song as my first big favorite. I watched how this song qualified for the final and that was such a genuinly happy moment in my life, that I will never forget. And besides the memory, the song itself is really great as well. I get that it didn’t end in the top 10 because 2011 was one of the best years of Eurovision. But the song deserved so much more than the last place. I think it ended at the bottom because it was a song from Switzerland. I mean, Eurovision shouldn’t be political but let’s face it: it really is. And Switzerland is a country that can hardly ever win, they would need a killer song to win so it was already a lost cause to begin with. But for me, this song was so underrated at Eurovision and it deserved a better place. Always one of my favorites!

Tooji – Stay (ESC 2012 – 7 points)

Now this is a last place that I will never understand. This song was ticking all the boxes: The melody was great, his vocals were decent, the performance was really nice and it had good dancers, his looks were great and to top all that Norway is a succesful big country at Eurovision. I just don’t know where it went wrong. 2012 was also a really good year with great songs but I think that Stay really deserved to be in the top 10. I mean, it’s a song that’s suitable for the radio and it’s a song that you can also watch live, with a good performance. So I don’t know why this didn’t receive more points. This song was my number 2 that year so I was dissapointed when it ended in the last place. I think that the song was the most similar to Euphoria, the song that ended up winning the contest that year.These two songs were really upbeat and I can see that when you have to make a choice between the both of them, Sweden comes out as the best. But I just think that if Sweden wasn’t in the picture, the placing of the song would be completely different.

Twin Twin – Moustache (ESC 2014 – 2 points)

I think that in 2014 this song really stood out in the middle of a lot of serious songs. The song was just silly and it had a funny performance but it made me happy. The stage was so colorful and I thought that the vocals were actually quite good with all that jumping around. And I think that people in the audience really enjoyed it, so the last place is another mistery for me. This song wasn’t worthy of a place in the top 10, there were songs that were much better that year. But it deserved more than the last place. I think that this song had the potential to be a European hit but it just didn’t work out. This song belongs to be on the radio, and I think that if someone more famous would bring out this song, it would be so popular. With this song I think voters had another dilemma. The song has a lot of similarities with No Prejudice by Pollapönk with the colors and the fun. So there was a choice between those two songs and people obviously didn’t prefer the French song, that’s why it finished last place. But for me, the song is really worth listening to and you can immediately sing along, which makes it so much fun.