ZURICH – Timebelle will represent Switzerland at the Eurovision Song Contest 2017 with the song Apollo. Timebelle is a group consisting of singer Miruna Manescu, drummer Samuel Forster and pianist Emanual Daniel Andriescu. They won the national final with a majority of the televotes.

I like what they did with the staging. The red really fits the atmosphere of the song and she looks really great too. I like her voice, nothing wrong with that. It’s just the song that kind of bothers me. I don’t hate it but I don’t like it either. The song sounds so familiar. It’s like a lot of popular songs are put together to make this one. For me, this is a song that I wouldn’t listen to twice. I can enjoy it one time but then the moment is over and I don’t want to listen to it again. I think this was absolutely the best choice for Switzerland and it’s a good song for this country. But I don’t think it will stand out on the Eurovision stage. It’s just too ordinary to be a winner. 4/10