PARIS – Alma will represent France at the Eurovision Song Contest 2017 with the song Requiem. The song was written by Nazim Khaled, who also wrote last year’s song for France J’ai cherché.

I have to be honest here, I don’t like it but I don’t really know why. I do know I don’t like her voice, it’s just not strong enough to be on the Eurovision stage. She will need a lot of backup singers. And I read on the official Eurovision-website that the song will change and that the official version will be released within a couple of weeks. I think they will make it more upbeat, so that it’s more like J’ai cherché, that was a huge hit and also finished 6th, an amazing place for France. I guess they want the same success but I think sending a similar song won’t really help. But that’s just my opinion. And with all the changes it could become a completely different song. So we’ll see. An upbeat song could be refreshing though, because it seems like this year will be all about ballads. But this song doesn’t give me the feeling I need with Eurovision. I mean, before writing this I listened to the song twice and I already don’t remember how the song went. And that’s bad. Don’t like the song or the singer. She’s pretty though, if that helps. 3/10