COLOGNE – Levina has won the German national final Unser Song 2017 and will represent Germany at the Eurovision Song Contest 2017 in Kyiv. Her song Perfect Life was chosen by an international audience who were able to vote with the Eurovision-app. Five contestants competed in Unser Song 2017 where Levina was chosen to represent Germany. The audience had the chance to pick the winning song, choosing between Perfect Life and Wildfire. The first song won with 69 % of the votes.

When I listened to the song the first time and I heard the first notes, I immediately thought the song was Titanium by David Guetta and Sia. I mean, this melody is too much alike. I think people who will hear this song only once, at Eurovision, will judge the song by this familiar sound. Her voice isn’t bad, she’s actually really good at singing English for someone from Germany. But I really hate the song. It’s not a ballad and it’s not upbeat either. It has this awkward inbetween feeling. And I don’t like watching her sing as well. I mean, there’s really nothing to see in her performance. The song doesn’t make you want to dance so that’s not possible and it’s not a ballad so a dramatic performance won’t make it better. This song is suitable for commercials but it’s not qualified for being performed on a stage. I really hate it, and I think Levina deserves better because she’s not a bad singer at all. Wildfire wasn’t a great song either but it was absolutely better than this. Too bad the audience didn’t agree with me. 2/10