Tonight, Spain will decide who will represent their country at the Eurovision Song Contest 2017 in Kyiv. Six contestants will sing their song in the hope of winning the national final ‘Objetivo Eurovisión’. The winner will be chosen by a combination of jury votes and televotes.

The contestants:

Manel Navarro with Do It For Your Lover

When the song starts, I immediately get a summerfeeling. I get a lot of good feelings with the song. I just don’t really like the English part, the chorus is actually a constant repeat the same sentence. I don’t get why you would sing a song in Spanish, which I think is the most beautiful language in the world, and then ruin it with an English chorus. On YouTube I listened to a version that is completely in English, but I would prefer it to be in Spanish. The song is really suitable for the radio and I can see it becoming a hit. 7/10

LeKlein with Ouch!!

LeKlein won the online competition of this national selection.  I didn’t really expect a singer like her to sing this kind of song. The song is about fighting and being strong, and that does fit her appearance. But I don’t really like the song itself. When you hear this, you can’t tell that it’s a song from Spain. I think that Spain should be loyal to it’s traditional sound, happy summerfeeling-songs. That’s what they’re good at. I wouldn’t really like it if this wins, but she did win the online competition so she’s a popular artist. Not my choice, though. 5/10

Paula Rojo with Lo Que Nunca Fue

I like the country influences but I don’t really know it if works with the Spanish. I like her voice, though and the song is just sweet. But I don’t think people will vote for this, it’s too ordinary for Eurovision. I just think it’s really nice to listen to it, maybe on the radio. 6/10

Mario Jefferson with Spin My Head

I don’t like his voice. And again, a Spanish song with some English sentences in it. Don’t get why people do this. This doesn’t make the song more approachable because the rest is in another language, that most of the European people won’t understand. I don’t get a good feeling from this song in general. It doesn’t stand out for me. 4/10

Maika Barbero with Momento Crítico

This is not a song for me. I don’t like this genre and although her voice really suits the song, it’s not something I like. 2/10

Mirela with Contigo

I think this one is quite popular and has the best chance of winning. I would have to see the performance, but I think they could really make it stand out but also screw it up. It’s more upbeat with some slower parts in it, so the best thing they could do is give the stage a happy feeling. I hope there will be a lot of dancers and not just the singer who wants all the attention. I haven’t heard the live version yet, so I’m quite excited to see how this works out. It’s an okay song for me but not a favorite. 6/10