SANREMO – Francesco Gabbani has won the Sanremo Festival in Italy with the song Occidentali’s Karma. With this victory he has the opportunity to represent his country at the Eurovision Song Contest, a challenge he has accepted. He won by a combination of jury votes and televotes.

The first 30 seconds of this song are amazing and really promising, especially the intro. But then it really goes downhill from there. The song becomes so regular, there’s nothing special. It’s like such a typical song. And the act with the “gorilla” is so silly. That’s not something I expect from Italy, the country that gives a more serious side to Eurovision. It is a dance song with a dance routine, and because of all the ballads it does stand out right now. I think it will be a popular song at Eurovision but I don’t really like it. There’s something missing for me to make it a good song. It’s supposed to be an ironic song and the videoclip succeeds in this mission. I just don’t like this type of songs. 5/10