MADRID – Manel Navarro has been chosen to represent Spain at the Eurovision Song Contest 2017 in Kyiv with the song Do It For Your Lover. The young singer won the Spanish national final Objetivo Eurovisión. The results were a combination of jury votes and televotes. There was a tie between him and Mirela, who entered with the song Contigo. But the jury decided that Manel should represent Spain and he was declared the winner.

I really like this song and for me it was the best of this competition. I like the fact that the most of the song is in Spanish, but I would prefer the chorus to be in Spanish as well. Right now the chorus is quite simple because it’s a constant repeat of the same sentence and I think that makes the song a bit cheap. But I like it, though. The singer is okay, there’s nothing bad about his voice. But inspite of the fact that this song was my favorite, I wasn’t really happy when he won. He finished only third in the televoting part and Mirela had most of the votes. I think that 3 “experts” shouldn’t have to decide for an entire country. People voted for Mirela so obviously they had more trust in her than in Manel. I think it’s a bad thing that most of the Spanish people aren’t really behind him and his song. They don’t seem to see him as a winner so he will never win the entire competition. I don’t see a lot of support for him from Spain and the Spanish fans, so that gives the whole act a weird feeling for me. But the song itself is good. 7/10