Tonight Hungary will decide who will represent their country at the Eurovision Song Contest 2017 in Kyiv. Eight artists will compete in the national final A Dal. Here’s what I think of the songs and who I see as the ideal winner.

Gina Kanisza with Fall Like Rain

First of all, I hate dramatic weather-songs. And this one is no exception. The song does get interesting while it goes on. But her voice is not good enough, especially on a big stage. I just think that this is a really weird song. It’s like a ballad but also not really. 2/10

Soulwave with Kalandor

The song is good. It’s something that I would listen to on the radio. It has friendly sounds in it. I just don’t think it’s something for Eurovision. Too ordinary for me. 3/10

Kállay Saunders Band with Seventeen

I think Kállay Saunders is a great artist. And he reallt deserves more international credit. But this song doesn’t work for me. It’s an okay song but just not for Eurovision. It’s not a song to watch being performed on stage. It’s a song for the radio. 3/10

Leander Kills with Élet

I really like the beginning of the song with the piano and the guitar, it’s like a classic rock song, which I really like. Then he starts singing and it’s still okay but not as good as the intro. I just like the melody of the song but I don’t like the way he sings the song. I think it would have been amazing if it had been a female voice. That would have really blended with the sound of the instruments. I would like to hear an instrumental version of this, though. 4/10

Gabi Tóth & Freddie Shuman featuring Begi Lotfi with Hosszú idők

The first time I listened to this song, I watched the live performance. And I was really impressed by it. I liked the dancers and the way she looked on stage. That really did something for me. The song is okay, it has some sounds in it that I really like. But I just hate her voice and the singing in general. It’s like she sings way too loud for this song, the melody is so great and she just ruins it with the singing. 5/10

Zävodi + Olivér Berkes with #háttérzaj

This song is so weird. It has modern sounds in it but it also has this oldschool feeling. And then the way they look on stage gives a totally different feeling. Doesn’t really suit the song. I don’t really know which way they want to go with this type of song. There are so many different styles combined here, and I don’t know if this would work. In the live performance I watched, they had a burning piano. I hope they change this as soon as they win A Dal because I don’t think Eurovision-fans will appreciate this (Austria – ESC2015). 6/10

Gigi Radics with See It Through

When I listened to the song for the first time and I heard the intro, I immediately saw this at Eurovision. It has such an approachable sound and I can really see it on a big stage. She sings good as well. I just don’t think that it would stand out. I mean, I don’t see this being very successful because I don’t really think a lot of people would vote for this. It’s a regular song for me, but really suitable for Eurovision. 6/10

Joci Pápai with Origo

When I listen to this song, something happens to me. It’s hard to describe but I just love it. The language is beautiful and the melody is really etnic, something I like very much. The song brings you to another place, you get the feeling you’re in another country and I think that’s what Eurovision is all about. I have my doubts about the part where he raps, I don’t think that will really work in 2017. But I can appreciate it. I think it’s a big risk for Hungary to send this, it could either fail or be in the top 5. There’s really no inbetween here, I think. I really like the live performance as well, he looks a bit like a pirate there which actually suits the song. And the dancer is great. I would really like to see what they do with this song on a big stage. My winner. 9/10