TA’QUALI – Claudia Faniello will represent Malta at the Eurovision Song Contest 2017 with the song Breathlessly. Sixteen songs competed in the national final this year. The decision was completely made by televotes, no jury was involved in the choice.

I didn’t really expect her to win because I thought she was kind of an outsider for the first place. It’s a good song, ballad-wise. Her voice is really good, in my opinion, quite strong. And I can see it being performed at Eurovision, with a dramatic performance. But this is not a song I like. I just don’t like ballads and with all the other ballads we already have this year, I don’t see it going through to the final. I just don’t think that when you listen to 20 songs, this is the one you remember afterwards. But that’s just my opinion. I think this song would have been great at Eurovision in the 80’s or 90’s. It has this kind of feeling for me. Good attempt for a ballad but not my thing. 4/10