Every year there are some songs that are more special than the others. Songs that I keep listening to, even after the competition has ended.

I remember that in 2015 a lot of songs were already announced before March. There were a lot of great songs, making 2015 one of the best years ever at Eurovision. Most of the songs were actually more serious songs and a real uptempo dance song was still missing. But the Israeli song still had to be announced. When I listened to Golden Boy for the first time I was immediately blown away by it. This was an amazing song and certainly with all the more serious songs, it brought a diversity to the Eurovision Song Contest.

I was kind of scared for it because I didn’t know how it would work out on the Eurovision stage. I was anxious for his vocal skills and I didn’t really know for sure that people would vote for Israel, a country that’s not extremely popular at Eurovision. Israel performed in the second semi-final, the 9th song of the evening. His performance brought so much fun to the competition, it was different from all the other songs and it really stood out. You can imagine how happy I was when he made it through to the final.

In that final he finished 9th, a great score, but I was a bit disappointed because I was hoping for a place in the top 5. I think he really deserved this. And I know that 2015 was amazing and there were a lot of great songs but Nadav Guedj was only 16 years old during the competition and I think he delivered an outstanding performance. It was so energetic and so much fun to watch. After the competition his video got really popular on YouTube so I think a lot of people really enjoyed the performance. And they should because Golden Boy will always be one of my personal favorites.