Today I’m going to discuss the most underrated songs of the Eurovision Song Contest since 2010. These songs didn’t make it through to the final but I think that they deserved so much more. In a previous post I already discussed three songs that finished last in the final, those songs were really underrated as well. But these song I’m going to show you right now got an even worse placing and were stuck in the semi-finals.


This year had the highest amount of underrated songs. But it was also a great year overall so I get that even good songs were left out.

Aisha – What for? (place 17 out of 17 – 11 points)

I really like this song right now, but I think I didn’t like it back in 2010. And I get why, when you listen to this song only one time, you can’t fully appreciate it. But after listening to it a few times and really understanding the lyrics, it’s a great song. I do get why it finished in last place because her live performance wasn’t that good, she’s a good singer though. The version on stage was indeed disappointing. But I think this is a song that deserves more credit, people should listen to it a few times and I hope they will like it better.

Kristina – Horehronie (place 16 out of 17 – 24 points)

I think there are so many Eurovision fans who regret not voting for Slovakia in 2010. This song is one of the most underrated songs ever in Eurovision history. It was so amazingly good, I don’t even get why it didn’t qualify. I mean, Slovakia isn’t a popular country but the song really stood out enough for it to at least make it through to the final. The performance was great and her voice was really good, although she seemed to be nervous. I still like this song and it’s absolutely in my top 50 of all Eurovision songs.

Sieneke – Ik ben verliefd (place 14 out of 17 – 29 points)

Dutch is my native language so this song is really approachable for me, because it’s so easy to sing along to. I think people didn’t like the song because they couldn’t understand the language. And it’s also quite silly when you hear it for the first time, I guess. I just like this so much, it’s absolutely a guilty pleasure. I often listen to this song and it has made me like Sieneke a lot. I really follow her and I listen to her songs. She’s actually one of the best Dutch artists of this time. She’s very popular in The Netherlands and I think it’s a shame that she didn’t do better at Eurovision. Maybe that was because at that time she was still inexperienced, but she already was a good singer. And she still is.


In 2011 there were a lot of average songs, very few songs were really outstanding. So that way it was hard to choose the 20 songs that made it through to the final.

Stella Mwangi – Haba Haba (place 17 out of 19 – 30 points)

I still don’t get why she didn’t make it through to the final. Norway is a successful country at Eurovision, in my opinion. And the audience really enjoyed the performance. Her not qualifying is mainly because of the juries. She finished 9th in the ranking by the televoters and only 17th in the one by the juries. So that’s how she didn’t make it to the final. In my opinion, that’s such a shame. She deserved a better place but because the juries didn’t like the song, she never got a fair chance.

Witloof Bay – With Love Baby (place 11 out of 19 – 53 points)

This song didn’t do that bad, they needed only 1 more point to qualify to the final. But I still think it was really underrated. They didn’t use any instruments in this song, only their voices. I thought that was quite extraordinary. And I guess a lot of people weren’t aware of this. Maybe this song was really ahead of it’s time because for me it was really special and it required a lot of talent to sing a song like that. The song was indeed not that great but the concept was amazing.