This year had some great songs but also a lot of bad songs. Too bad some of the great ones didn’t make it to the final.

Trackshittaz – Woki mit deim Popo (place 18 out of 18 – 8 points)

Okay, I admit that this song isn’t really great. But it’s so much fun and extremely catchy. And I know that it’s not a good song vocal-wise but I think it makes people happy and I guess that’s the most important thing. They did have an amazing performance with the lights and it was really energetic as well. I would have placed them in the top 15 at least.

Eva Boto – Verjamen (place 17 out of 18 – 31 points)

Now this was a song I didn’t really like and it’s still not one of my favorites. But the performance was so good and she really deserved a place in the final. I think a lot of Eurovision fans see this as an underrated song so that’s why I put it in my list. Coming from a country like Slovenia, it wasn’t a big surprise that she didn’t qualify but I think that the juries should have given her a lot more points. I don’t really know if these “professionals” know what talent is.


The Eurovision Song Contest 2013 was disappointing for me, there weren’t a lot of songs I really liked. And to make it even worse, 2 of the songs from my top 5 didn’t make it through to the final.

Natália Kelly – Shine (place 14 out of 16 – 27 points)

I think this song didn’t make it because it was too ordinary and I get that. When you hear all these new songs, this isn’t the one you remember at the end of the night. And having to perform first doesn’t really help either. But I enjoyed this song, it’s nothing special but she’s a great singer and the song is nice.

Who See – Igranka (place 12 out of 16 – 41 points)

I was really angry this didn’t qualify. I mean, it’s a controversial song because it’s really special and I get that some people don’t like it. But it’s so amazing and her live vocals are almost even better than the studio version of this song. I thought the performance was original and a lot of people joined me in this. Montenegro finished 4th place in their semi-final with the televotes. Not qualifying when so many people vote for you must be so hard and it’s just not fair, in my opinion the juries were absolutely wrong about this song.