This year had a lot of popular songs that didn’t qualify to the final. But I didn’t really like these songs to be honest. I’m thinking about Israel and Estonia, for example. The songs I’m going to discuss next weren’t that good either but they did deserve more than being stuck in the semi-finals.

Can-Linn featuring Kasey Smith with Heartbeat (place 12 out of 15 – 35 points)

I was really surprised when this song didn’t qualify. Her live version wasn’t that good but there were worse songs in her semi-final that did qualify. I think the melody of this song is really nice and it’s a good popsong overall. It wasn’t top 10 material but I think it deserved a place in the final. The song wasn’t that underrated to be honest but I just think it was a good song that deserves to be listened to.

Suzy with Quero Ser Tua (place 11 out of 16 – 39 points)

Here we go again, this song finished last in the jury ranking and 7th by televoting. It deserved to be in the final. It was one of the few songs that year that people could actually sing along to because it was such a fun, party song. I don’t get why juries put this last, I think she didn’t do that bad in her live version. Of course there is a slight difference between singing live and singing in a studio. But I thought it was okay. So in this case I have to say it again, the juries aren’t the professionals they claim to be.


I really liked this edition of Eurovision. There were so many great songs and I think that most of the ones that didn’t qualify just weren’t good enough.

Uzari & Maimuna with Time (place 12 out of 16 – 39 points)

I was surprised that this song didn’t qualify. Actually, I still don’t get why people didn’t like it since it wasn’t popular with televoters. I see Belarus as a big country with a lot of neighbours and I almost always expect them to qualify. I think this song was okay, the live version was good. So I don’t get why it wasn’t a popular song.

Eduard Romanyuta with I Want Your Love (place 11 out of 16 – 41 points)

Okay, I must admit that this song wasn’t great and the live vocals were rather bad and I’m not even going to start about the costumes. But I really enjoyed this performance, the energy and the song is just one big guilty pleasure. I thought this was a great start of the evening and it was so much fun to watch this performance. I know that it wasn’t the best quality song but it was certainly entertaining and sometimes I think that’s enough.


The Eurovision Song Contest 2016 was simply amazing. And still so many great songs got stuck in the semi-finals. I’m only going to discuss two of them but the next songs should be included in this list: Ljubav Je (Bosnia and Herzegovina), Hear Them Calling (Iceland), Utopian Land (Greece), Help You Fly (Belarus) and Icebreaker (Norway).

Lighthouse X with Soldiers of Love (place 17 out of 18 – 34 points)

This song was in my top 5 at the start of the competition, so you can see why I wasn’t pleased with this not qualifying. I must admit that the live version wasn’t that good but I thought it was a really nice song. It had this boyband-feeling to it but I didn’t mind that. I just think that the timing wasn’t right. If they entered with this song at Eurovision 2006 they would have been in the top 10 for sure. But I still think it’s a good song, inspite of the bad timing. I voted twice for this song because I was really supporting it. So too bad people didn’t have the same opinion as me.

Jüri Pootsmann with Play (place 18 out of 18 – 24 points)

Again, a song I put in my top 5 at the beginning. From the first time I listened to this song, I just loved it. His voice is so hypnotizing. And the song had such a great vibe and it gave me this special feeling. I was quite disappointed by the live performance, you could see that Jüri was really nervous and I guess this isn’t the type of song to be performed live. You have to listen to the audio version to really appreciate it. It’s not that his vocals were bad, but it was just the way he stood there. He seemed really uncomfortable and that’s not nice to watch. So in a way I can see why it didn’t qualify but the last place just hurt my feelings. He didn’t deserve this. So if you don’t know this song I don’t recommend watching it being performed live.