HERNING – Anja Nissen has won the Melodi Grand Prix 2017. She will represent Denmark at the Eurovision Song Contest in Kyiv with the song Where I Am. She won by a combination of jury votes and televotes.

I think for the third year in a row, Denmark will fail to qualify to the final with this song. Again, another ballad, I don’t think we need any more. I did appreciate her live performance, I really liked the lights and the colors on stage. I don’t like her voice, though. I think it’s more screaming than singing. I just don’t see this song qualifying. It’s too forgettable for me, like I already listened to it multiple times and I still don’t know the chorus. And believe me, that’s not because I’m bad at remembering songs. The song is just disappointing. I don’t think this will work at Eurovision. 3/10