Tonight Estonia will choose their representative for the Eurovision Song Contest 2017 in Kyiv. Ten contestants will compete in the national final Eesti Laul. Here’s my top 10.

Daniel Levi with All I Need

I don’t get this song. He looks a bit like Jüri, with this suit, it gives a classic feeling. But then he sings this song, modern with all these lights in the performance. I didn’t mind it at the beginning but the fact that the lights keep going the entire song, almost gives me a headache. It’s too much. And me hating the performance, makes the song even worse. 2/10

Lenna Kuurmaa with Slingshot

First of all, the barefoot thing has to stop. I never liked it or got it and I’m starting to hate it now. The song ordinary, nothing special for me there. I do like that she does something on stage, she doesn’t just stand there. But overall it’s not great. 4/10

Ariadne with Feel Me Now

Don’t really like this song. It’s not a ballad but it still manages to get boring. I mean, she just stands there and there’s nothing else to watch on stage. This is not a winner. 4/10

Liis Lemsalu with Keep Running

I don’t like her girly voice, that really bothers me. And the song itself is okay but it doesn’t give me the right feeling. I don’t want to keep listening to it, I lose my interest and that’s not a good thing. 4/10

Ivo Linna with Suur loterii

I really like the Estonian language to begin with. I appreciate that he sings in his native language. The song is nice but rather small. It’s not really for Eurovision, it would disappear on the big stage, I think. 4/10

Rasmus Rändvee with This Love

I really like him, the voice and the stage presence. I also like his performance, there’s something going on there. I would like to see him at Eurovision, but with a different song. It’s alright but I think he can bring an amazing song that would win the competition. And I don’t get that feeling with this song. But he has amazing potential. 5/10

Koit Toome & Laura with Verona

I get a good feeling from this song. You can see that they are professionals and that they are good singers. There are just some things missing to make the song perfect. I don’t like the backing vocals. And it’s like they are both singing a song, but just not together. There has to be more interaction between the two of them. It’s a good song but it still needs some work. 5/10

Kerli with Spirit Animal

This song seems to be really popular and I can see why. It does stand out. But it just brings me back to the beginning of the 2000’s where artists weren’t able to sing English. I mean, at first I didn’t understand a word she was singing. I’m not a fan of the song or her voice but I must admit that the performance is good. This is something you remember at the end of the evening. I wouldn’t mind if Estonia sends this song, but I think there is a better choice. 5/10

Elina Born with In Or Out

I was really excited to watch her on Eurovision again. I love her voice and she’s just an amazing artist. However, this song isn’t really her style I guess. I prefer a song with class for her, I think that really suits her. It’s not a winner this year. 6/10

Whogaux & Karl-Kristjan featuring Maian with Have You Now

This is a song I like. The vocals are really good, I was impressed. And the song has a nice beat. I just don’t get the dancers and their outfit. I mean, it’s like their from the 50’s or something. I don’t mind that but it just doesn’t fit the song. They would have to make a lot of changes but I can see massive potential here. It’s actually a great song and could do really well at Eurovision. My winner. 8/10