RIGA – Triana Park has won Supernova 2017 and will represent Latvia in the Eurovision Song Contest with the song Line. They were chosen by televotes only.

It wasn’t really a suprise for me that they won Supernova. And I think they will stand out at Eurovision, because it is a different song with a special performance. I’m excited to see them performing on a big stage. I think they will bring an interesting show. I’m also pretty confident that this song will qualify to the final. And I quite like the song as well. But I just don’t adore it, there’s something missing for me. I love that it is so energetic and the neonlights create this cool effect. But the song itself doesn’t give me the right feeling. I can’t really describe what is missing. But it’s like, when I finish listening to this song I don’t want to press repeat and listen to it again. And I really need that, that is what makes a song perfect for me. 6/10