ATHENS – Demy will sing the song This Is Love at the Eurovision Song Contest 2017, representing Greece. The song was chosen out of three optional entries. This Is Love won by 70% of televotes and 30% of votes by Greeks living abroad.

I think this can bring Greece back to the final of the Eurovision Song Contest. I don’t really like the song, though. It is quite nice that it starts like a ballad but then goes over to a more uptempo dance song. That’s refreshing, there’s no other song like that yet. I’ve only listened to the studio version of this song, and I have this feeling that it won’t be as good live. There’s this part in the chorus that sounds really autotuned, so I don’t know how that will turn out. The song is not bad, but it’s not my type of song and obviously won’t be one of my favorites. 5/10