BRUSSELS – Blanche will represent Belgium at the Eurovision Song Contest 2017 in Kyiv with the song City Lights.

Belgium is my own country so it’s always quite hard to judge the song chosen by Belgians. I’m usually never a fan of Belgium at Eurovision. I don’t want them to win and I would prefer it if they never entered. I just don’t like it when the Eurovision Song Contest gets recognition in my own country because it’s always for the wrong reasons. For example, they put up a show where they have “experts” talking about how good certain songs are while it’s completely wrong. Those Eurovision “experts” always praise the Belgian entry, even when it’s obvious that it’s bad. I mean, it’s good that they believe in their own entry but I think it’s better when a song is seen as the underdog. It can only do better that way.

Our song this year is original, it’s a modern song compared to the others we already have. I can see this qualify to the final, it has potential. And I think she will do okay. I don’t think she really looks like a performer to be honest. The song is decent, I’m not going to lie and say it’s bad but it’s just not my type of song. It’s my own country so I’m more strict than for other songs. It could be a popular song if it’s staged well. I don’t think it’s going to work when she just stands there with nothing happening around her. I hope it’s not a winner because that would be a disappointment for me, but I guess if it works out well this could be a top 10 song. Just not in my opinion. 5/10