CZECH REPUBLIC – Martina Bárta will represent Czech Republic at the Eurovision Song Contest 2017 in Kyiv. Her song is called My Turn.

The English isn’t perfect, even in the studio version so I expect it to even worse while singing live. But that’s actually not so bad, it could make her sweet, if it’s not over the top. The song is a ballad, that’s a genre of songs that I almost never like. This is not an exception, to be honest. The song is absolutely not bad, because it’s kind of memorable. After the first listen, I already could sing the chorus by myself. So that’s not a bad thing. But if can imagine that if you hear the song for the first time, it’s kind of dull. Especially compared to other songs in the competition. It’s so slow that I don’t really see what kind of performance they could put up around it. 5/10