Every year there are some songs that are more special than the others. Songs that I keep listening to, even after the competition has ended.

In 2014 my absolute favorite was Basim, representing the hosting country Denmark with his song Cliché Love Song. I liked this song a lot back in 2014 because it brought so much happiness to the Eurovision Song Contest. I remember listening to this song and just feeling a lot of joy.

I put this song at the top of my list right after listening to it for the very first time, and I think that’s a good thing. After just listening to it once, I already loved it. I know that a song can grow on someone but loving it from the start is always better.

I think he did a great job at the big final. His vocals were really good, almost better than I expected. The dancing was amazing. And you could see how everyone enjoyed his performance. Too bad that Denmark was the hosting country that year. The fact that he didn’t had to perform in a semi-final made him less popular, I guess. A lot of people listened to his song for the first time on the night of the final and in my opinion, it’s always better to listen to a song once more. So I guess if he would have been from another country he could have been in the top 5. But in the end, I’m really happy with his 9th place. Enjoy this song: