The official running order of the semi-finals has been announced today.

Semi-final 1

  1. Sweden: Robin Bengtsson with I Can’t Go On
  2. Georgia: Tako Gachechiladze with Keep The Faith
  3. Australia: Isaiah with Don’t Come Easy
  4. Albania: Lindita with World
  5. Belgium: Blanche with City Lights
  6. Montenegro: Slavko Kalez with Space
  7. Finland: Norma John with Blackbird
  8. Azerbaijan: Dihaj with Skeletons
  9. Portugal: Salvador Sobral with Amar Pelos Dois
  10. Greece: Demy with This Is Love
  11. Poland: Kasia Moś with Flashlight
  12. Moldova: SunStroke Project with Hey Mamma
  13. Iceland: Svala with Paper
  14. Czech Republic: Martina Bárta with My Turn
  15. Cyprus: Hovig with Gravity
  16. Armenia: Artsvik with Fly With Me
  17. Slovenia: Omar Naber with On My Way
  18. Latvia: Triana Park with Line

I think it’s a bit weird to start with Sweden, because I expect that performance to be one of the highlights of the evening. So I don’t really get why they choose for Sweden to start the competition. The next three songs are way too dramatic to watch in a row. I would have preferred it if they had put another song after Australia, because World is quite a heavy song and it certainly is after two ballads. Then it’s Belgium, that’s an okay placing in my opinion. And I think putting Montenegro right behind that is an excellent choice. I hope Belgium’s staging is going to be rather dark, then being followed by a colorful Eurovision trash performance by Montenegro. Finland and Azerbaijan are next and I think that’s too much. They both have mysterious and again dark songs so placing them together is not the best choice. Portugal being in the middle of the semi-final is brilliant. The first eight songs were quite modern and really suitable for 2017 and then comes Portugal with a song that could be one from the 1950’s. I think that’s great and I hope it stands out. Putting Greece right behind it makes it even better because those two songs are complete opposites. Then Poland, Moldova and Iceland. That’s a nice placing, three different songs with different kind of performances. Czech Republic brings a ballad. I think placing ballads at the end of the evening is better than at the beginning. I think it’s necessary to have experienced some dance songs before you can really enjoy a ballad. So nice placing for them. I expect great performances from Cyprus and especially from Armenia so I’m glad there is still something to look forward to towards the end of the show. That being followed by Slovenia really kills all the chances Slovenia had left to qualify. I expect Omar to end in last place by the televoters, just because of this placing. I don’t see how you can watch a song like Armenia’s and then watch On My Way and prefer that one. I mean, Omar is a great artist but when you compare the song to others there’s no doubt that it’s the worst one. Latvia is the final performer of this semi-final. I think that’s nice, it ends with something more powerful and it definitely makes you curious for the second semi-final.

Semi-final 2

  1. Serbia: Tijana Bogićević with In Too Deep
  2. Austria: Nathan Trent with Running On Air
  3. Russia: Julia Samoylova with Flame Is Burning
  4. FYR Macedonia: Jana Burčeska with Dance Alone
  5. Malta: Claudia Faniello with Breathlessly
  6. Romania: Illlinca & Alex Florea with Yodel It
  7. The Netherlands: O’G3Ne with Lights and Shadows
  8. Hungary: Joci Papái with Origo
  9. Denmark: Anja Nissen with Where I Am
  10. Ireland: Brendan Murray with Dying To Try
  11. San Marino: Valentina Monetta & Jimmie Wilson with Spirit of the Night
  12. Croatia: Jacques Houdek with My Friend
  13. Norway: JOWST with Grab The Moment
  14. Switzerland: Timebelle with Apollo
  15. Belarus: NAVI with Historyja majho žyccia
  16. Bulgaria: Kristian Kostov with Beautiful Mess
  17. Lithuania: Fusedmarc with Rain of Revolution
  18. Estonia: Koit Toome and Laura with Verona
  19. Israel: Imri with I Feel Alive

Placing Serbia first is okay for me. I don’t like the song so I don’t mind it being performed first. I had my doubts about Austria’s chances to qualify but now that they’re placed second, I have lost most of my hopes. This is not good. I mean, being put in the beginning of the show makes people forget about your song. And the song itself isn’t so memorable either so I don’t see this working out for them. Russia comes third. I’m still very excited to see how they are going to solve the travel ban issue and the satellite thing. I just hope this doesn’t ruin the entire evening. Macedonia performs fourth, that’s a good thing because it’s the first uptempo song of the evening. Malta kind of falls right inbetween two dance songs so their chances to qualify are non-existent. The producers have chosen a more traditional ranking in the beginning of this semi-final: uptempo by Macedonia, ballad by Malta, uptempo by Romania, ballad by The Netherlands. Then comes Hungary, in 8th place. I’m really happy with that place because Hungary is my favorite in this semi-final. Especially because it’s being followed by Denmark, which is a completely different song. After Denmark comes Ireland, these two songs are both ballads. I really enjoy Ireland so I’m not that pleased with their placing. I hope they create a memorable performance so that it stands out. San Marino comes next, and I hope this will be the dark horse of the evening. A disco song after two ballads is great for the show. Croatia has something special and it’s being followed by Norway. Now, Croatia is a very traditional and classical song and then Norway is very modern. That’s a nice contrast, in my opinion and I like both of them so I will definitely enjoy that. The rest of the placing is actually also really traditional. You first have Switzerland which is not really a ballad but also not an uptempo song. Then comes Belarus, the other song in a native language. Putting Bulgaria and Lithunia after that is good, it brings a lot of diversity. Estonia is the next performer and I think that’s quite nice. I like the song and I hope it being at the end of the semi-final makes it memorable enough. I Feel Alive is the last song of the evening. It’s an uptempo song, a good choice to end this semi-final.