Today, I’m going to give a first real review on Albania’s song World by Lindita.

Semi-final: 1

Draw: 4

Do I think it will qualify: NO

Do I want it to qualify: NO

The first time I listened to the song I gave it 6/10. I don’t think I would still give it that much but it’s absolutely not worse than a 5. I still like that the song is so strong. It starts off as a typical ballad but that quickly changes. I expect her live performance to be really good, I just think she’s a good singer. The song itself isn’t one that I would listen to. This is a song that you have to watch being performed in order to be able to listen to it. When you just listen without seeing anything, the message of the song doesn’t really come through. I’m still quite bothered that they changed it to English. Personally, I am really fond of songs in native languages so Albania kind of blew it’s changes by changing it. I think she will get a serious amount of jury votes because of her vocal skills but I don’t think the televotes will be as numerous. I just don’t think you can appreciate this type of song after listening to it once (or twice if it does reach the final). I’m still waiting for Albania to give us something better than Suus (ESC 2012) and to do that I really believe they have to perform in Albanian. Till then I don’t see Albania being very successful at the Eurovision Song Contest.