Today I’m going to give a first real review on Belgium’s song City Lights by Blanche.

Semi-final: 1

Draw: 5

Do I think it will qualify: YES

Do I want it to qualify: YES

Belgium is my own country and as I already said I never see it as my own personal favorite. I didn’t really expect so many people to like our entry this year. I mean, the song is nice and it’s a bit unusual but I didn’t think it would be a hit for Eurovision-fans. I still have doubts about how this will be performed on stage. And I have seen her performing it at the Eurovision Pre Party in London and I must say that her vocals were rather bad. Like a lot of people were saying in the comment section below, she was talking more than se was singing. And I don’t blame her for that, it’s because of the song. Her voice is so low and that in combination with a slower and deeper song makes it weird. I just think this song doesn’t have the ability to move people. Blanche doesn’t have the stage charisma that is expected for a winner of the Eurovision Song Contest. I would still give this song a decent 6/10 because the radio version is really good. But I don’t think this is a song for Eurovision, especially because I think the performance will be disappointing. I don’t see her dancing or even moving around because that doesn’t really fit her. So I expect it to be boring and people don’t vote for boring. I think it will qualify since everybody seems to score it high but I don’t see this as the ultimate winner.