Today I’m going to give a first real review on Estonia’s song Verona by Koit Toome and Laura.

Semi-final: 2

Draw: 18

Do I think it will qualify: YES

Do I want it to qualify: YES

Last time I gave this song 7/10 because I thought it was really nice and it did got stuck in my head. And my opinion hasn’t really changed since then. The song is nice and they are both very good singers. I hope they work on their interaction on stage because for now that still bothers me. It’s like she’s singing a song and he’s singing a song, but they’re not singing it together. There’s to much focus on them as individuals and not on them as a duo. I think this song will qualify. I expect them to receive a lot of jury points and I think that people will like this. If they stage it the same way as on Eesti Laul, it will be very classy. And I think that’s a good thing, Eurovision doesn’t always have to be about extravaganza and fireworks everywhere. This song will probably be in my top 10.