Today I’m going to give a first real review on Finland’s song Blackbird by Norma John.

Semi-final: 1

Draw: 7

Do I think it will qualify: YES

Do I want it to qualify: YES

This song really has put me through a rollercoaster of emotions. The first time I listened to it I only gave it 2/10 because I absolutely hated it. Then I learned to appreciate it but I still didn’t like it. And now, I really do. The song is just so special. I’m really suprised that so few people agree with me on this. It seems like this song is almost forgotten by a lot of Eurovision-fans. It’s very underrated. I think their performance on UMK 2017 was impressive and especially her vocals. The song itself is really intriguing but seeing it on stage just makes it better. The first semi-final is amazingly hard so I’m not sure about their chances at qualifying. For now, I’ll say YES because I hope a lot of people still need to realize how good the song actually is. I hope they will be blown away by the performance. I do expect Finland to receive a lot of jury points, especially because of the good vocals.