Today I’m going to give a first real review on Ireland’s song Dying To Try by Brendan Murray.

Semi-final: 2

Draw: 10

Do I think it will qualify: NO

Do I want it to qualify: YES

At first I just thought the song was nice, I didn’t have anything bad to say about it. But over the last few weeks, this song has been stuck in my head for multiple times. And so I really like it now. I especially like his feminine voice, for me that’s what makes the song special. I hope Ireland realizes what unique thing they have and I hope they will be able to create a memorable performance around this song. The lyrics are very nice as well, it’s a typical love song but on the other hand it’s so not typical. I can’t really explain it. It has important qualities that are needed for a song at Eurovision. Ireland has to perform in the second semi-final, right after Denmark. That’s a bad placing, since Denmark (that also brings a ballad) seems to be so popular. It is in the middle of the semi-final so that’s a good thing. I don’t really know, I expect it not to qualify but if his vocals are very good it could be the dark horse of the evening. Let’s hope so.