Today I’m going to give a first real review on FYR Macedonia’s song Dance Alone by Jana Burčeska.

Semi-final: 2

Draw: 4

Do I think it will qualify: YES

Do I want it to qualify: NO

Surprisingly, this song from Macedonia has a lot of fans. I’m not used to Macedonia being popular at the Eurovision Song Contest, or for them to even bring a decent song. So I was waiting for something to be wrong with it this year. And then I watched the live version, since she performed at Israel Calling. I don’t know what was wrong with her voice, but it sounded so weird. It was completely different than the audio version. For now, I said it will qualify but I will probably change my opinion on that. It seems to be popular but I can’t imagine that people would still vote for this if her vocals are bad. She did some weird things on stage as well. I don’t really know how the eventual performance will look like. The song itself is nice, I sing along to it. But when I think about all the songs we have this year, I just keep forgetting this one. So that way I know it’s not one of my favorites.