Today I’m going to give a first real review on Slovenia’s song On My Way by Omar Naber.

Semi-final: 1

Draw: 17

Do I think it will qualify: NO

Do I want it to qualify: NO

I think Omar will finish last in the first semi-final. I don’t think the song is that bad, but compared to the others it probably the worst one. I wish he’d bring something like Stop (ESC 2005), that was way more creative than his song this year. For now, it’s just a regular ballad but it’s too forgettable. He’s a nice artist and a good entertainer, but the song is just not good. But I think that a lot of people dislike his entry because of him and not because of the song. Apparently he assaulted a girl several years ago and that’s the reason he’s receiving so many hate. I don’t know what’s true in this case, but I’ve decided to only judge the song and the performance overall and not the artist. So anyway, this will not be able to qualify.