Today I’m going to give a first real review on Spain’s song Do It For Your Lover by Manel Navarro.

Semi-final: none

I feel like this song is getting so much hate, especially from Spanish fans. They are still mad that Mirela didn’t win the national final. After the voting procedure (50 % jury votes and 50% televotes) there was a tie. Manel and Mirela both had the same amout of points. The jury had the final decision and they chose Manel, despite the fact that Mirela came first in the televoting rank. So that way, 3 people thought their opinion was more important than the opinion of an entire country. And I feel like Manel is getting a lot of hate because of the fact that he won night. Or more important, the fact that Mirela didn’t won that night. And I get that, because I hate juries just as much as the Spanish people seem to do. But now they are saying that the jury was corrupt and that Manel’s team did everything in order to win, I don’t really know what to think about that. I don’t know if it’s true and I don’t really want to figure it out either. There’s no turning back now. Manel is the representative for Spain and I don’t think what happened in the national final should still be in his way.

That being said, I really like this song. I think it’s catchy. I really like the Spanish language, too bad the chorus is in English but I get why they did that. I think this song really represents Spain, the sounds make me think of Spain. It has a nice summer feeling and it could become a popular song in a couple of months. I don’t think it will be very popular at Eurovision. First of all with televoters because of the whole Mirela-situation, and with the juries because the song is rather simple. But I still like it though, it’s a laid back song and I absolutely don’t mind listening to it.