Today I’m going to give a first real review on Ukraine’s song Time by O.Torvald.

Semi-final: none

I still like this song. It will be a nice change in the final, to hear rock song next to all the ballads we’re going to have. I hope they keep the same performance as in the national final because I thought that was really original. I don’t know if his vocals will be good in Kyiv, but I saw that they had a female backing vocal at the Eurovision Pre Party in London. I never noticed that before but now that I saw her I paid more attention to it. And I didn’t really like it, the female voice in combination with the voice of the lead singer, it didn’t really fit the song in my opinion. But I can still appreciate the song overall, it gets stuck in my head from time to time so that’s a good thing. The song itself isn’t good enough to win though and the fact that Ukraine is the hosting country doesn’t really help either so Ukraine is definitely not winning again this year.