Today I’m going to give a first real review on the United Kingdom’s song Never Give Up On You by Lucie Jones.

Semi-final: none

At first I was so obsessed with this song. I actually had it at the second place in my ranking list for some time. But then they did the revamp. I don’t like it. They wanted to give the song a more modern feeling and I get why they did it but for me the original version was way better. For me, there’s something missing now. Anyway, I still like the live version better than the audio version. She really puts her emotions into the song and I can appreciate that. I also like her voice, it’s pleasant to listen to. I don’t think the UK will do that well in Eurovision, because they hardly ever do. But I can see this song receiving a lot of jury points, or at least it should receive a lot of jury points. If they kept the original version this song would have definitely been in my top 5 but now I’ll probably drop it 10 places. I’m still excited to see it in the grand final, though.