In my first reviews on all the songs I said everytime if the song would qualify or not and if I wanted it to. But now I have noticed that I never really got to 10 songs and it wasn’t really correct so right now I’m going to give an overview of the qualifiers of each semi-final.

  1. Sweden
  2. Georgia
  3. Australia
  4. Albania
  5. Belgium
  6. Montenegro
  7. Finland
  8. Azerbaijan
  9. Portugal
  10. Greece
  11. Poland
  12. Moldova
  13. Iceland
  14. Czech Republic
  15. Cyprus
  16. Armenia
  17. Slovenia
  18. Latvia

Songs that will definitely qualify:

Sweden: successful country and the song is very popular and has a nice performance

Australia: successful country, the song will get a lot of jury points but only few televotes

Belgium: popular song, but I think the live version/performance will be disappointing because I feel like her stage presence is zero

Azerbaijan: successful country and the song seems quite popular as well, but I think it will be disappointing in Kyiv

Portugal: my favorite song this year and it seems like he’s doing very well with the bookmakers so I think his qualification is certain

Poland: the song seems to be very popular and she’s a very good singer so I expect good ranking from the juries and a lot of televotes

Armenia: successful country and a popular song that will have an amazing performance


Songs that will definitely NOT qualify:

Slovenia: no one seems to like the song so I don’t expect a lot of televotes, and coming from a country like Slovenia I don’t see this working out (probably last place)

Czech Republic: the song is too forgettable and unfortunately it’s coming from a smaller and unsuccessful country at Eurovision

Georgia: I would be very surprised if this song qualifies, there’s still a chance because Georgia is a big country and they could have a lot of televotes from Armenia, but I don’t think it will qualify since no one ever puts this song in their top 10 or even top 15


Songs left:

Albania: she’s a nice singer and I could see why the juries would give her a high score but I don’t think this will receive a lot of televotes, it’s a NO in my opinion

Montenegro: you never know what to expect in the Eurovision Song Contest, I don’t think this will qualify but I wouldn’t be mad if it did, this is such a funny song: quilty pleasure alert but that usually means 0 points from the juries, not a qualifier

Finland: I really think this should qualify but I’m not certain it will, the song isn’t that popular but I could see a high ranking with the juries, I just think the televotes will be disappointing for Finland this year, it’s a NO

Greece: since this song seems to become more and more popular I’m saying YES

Moldova: I really wish they qualify because I believe everybody loves them, especially real Eurovision-fans, I don’t expect high jury votes but I’m still saying YES

Iceland: while the Icelandic selection was still going on, everyone seemed to love Svala so I expected her to be very popular but right now the hype around her has faded away, I don’t see this qualifying

Cyprus: the country is rather small and not that successful so I don’t think Cyprus will qualify this year

Latvia: I think this performance will be great so I’m saying YES

So in my opinion the following countries will qualify: Sweden – Australia – Belgium – Azerbaijan – Portugal – Greece – Poland – Moldova – Armenia – Latvia

According to my top 43 (temporary) I WANT the following countries to qualify:

  1. Sweden (place 6) – Definite qualifier
  2. Georgia (place 36)
  3. Australia (place 33)
  4. Albania (place 31)
  5. Belgium (place 11) – Belgium is my own country and I must admit that the song isn’t bad at all but I just have this feeling that her performance will be a huge disappointment so I’ll probably change her placing in my list
  6. Montenegro (place 28) – I’m not sure if I will still want this to qualify after I’ve seen the live performance but for now I think it’s a nice song
  7. Finland (place 8) – I can’t help but love this mysterious song
  8. Azerbaijan (place 17) – Azerbaijan has the same problem as Belgium, I guess. The song is very nice but the live version doesn’t move me at all.
  9. Portugal (place 1) – My favorite this year
  10. Greece (place 29)
  11. Poland (place 34)
  12. Moldova (place 3) – I love SunStroke Project and their song as well
  13. Iceland (place 30)
  14. Czech Republic (place 38)
  15. Cyprus (place 12) – I hope his live performance will be as good as the videoclip
  16. Armenia (place 7) – I think this is a very authentic song and it deserves to qualify
  17. Slovenia (place 39)
  18. Latvia (place 16) – I expect this performance to be great so I think this will be one of the better songs in this semi-final