In my first reviews on all the songs I said everytime if the song would qualify or not and if I wanted it to. But now I have noticed that I never really got to 10 songs and it wasn’t really correct so right now I’m going to give an overview of the qualifiers of each semi-final.

  1. Serbia
  2. Austria
  3. Russia
  4. F.Y.R. Macedonia
  5. Malta
  6. Romania
  7. The Netherlands
  8. Hungary
  9. Denmark
  10. Ireland
  11. San Marino
  12. Croatia
  13. Norway
  14. Switzerland
  15. Belarus
  16. Bulgaria
  17. Lithuania
  18. Estonia
  19. Israel

Songs that will definitely qualify:

Russia: if Russia enters this year, they will definitely qualify simply because Russia always does

Denmark: taking in consideration that a lot of people put Denmark in their top 10, I think the song will qualify

Bulgaria: since Bulgaria’s song is so popular and aiming for the top, there’s no doubt that they will qualify

Estonia: I think this song will receive a lot of jury points because it’s a classy song with a classy staging as well, they both are great singers so there’s no doubt about that, I don’t know about the televotes but I predict the jury points will be enough for them to qualify

This semi-final is by far more unpredictable than the first one. There are countries that normally wouldn’t qualify because they’re not as successful at Eurovision, but the songs are just better in this semi-final. I think the first semi-final is harder because there already are so many songs that are definite qualifiers, that way it’s harder for others to qualify. In the second semi-final, everything can happen. That’s why I think this one will be more exciting to watch than the first one.


Songs that will definitely NOT qualify:

Malta: although she’s one of the best singers in this edition of the Eurovision Song Contest, I don’t see a lot of people voting for this

Lithuania: I think this song won’t be popular with the juries and neither will it be with televoters, probably last place for Lithuania in this semi-final


Songs left:

Serbia: I think a lot of people will vote for this, therefore this is one of the qualifiers

Austria: I don’t have high hopes for this song to qualify but you never know, that’s why I can’t say that it definitely won’t

F.Y.R. Macedonia: this song seems very popular right now but I expect her live performance to be bad so I don’t expect high jury points, leaving her unable to qualify

Romania: I don’t know why but a lot of people have high expectations of this song so I guess it will qualify, I can see why people would vote for this

The Netherlands: they will probably receive high jury points because of their blending voices but I don’t think people will vote for it

Hungary: I think this song will receive a lot of televotes from neighbouring countries so they will probably qualify

Ireland: since a lot of people are making fun of his voice right now, I don’t expect much votes for him, the jury points could be high but probably not enough to qualify

San Marino: I think their live performance will be great but because it’s San Marino I unfortunately don’t see this qualifying

Croatia: I don’t think this will qualify but I can’t say that it definitely won’t, this could be one of those unexpected qualifiers

Norway: I think this song will receive a lot of televotes because it’s so modern, this will address younger people

Switzerland: I thought this would have been much more popular by now, but I still think they will qualify

Belarus: I don’t think people will vote for this

Israel: I still think this performance will be disappointing but since everyone believes this will qualify, I’m saying YES as well

So in my opinion the following countries will qualify: Serbia – Russia – Romania – Hungary – Denmark – Norway – Switzerland – Bulgaria – Estonia – Israel

According to my top (temporary) I WANT the following countries to qualify:

  1. Serbia (place 37)
  2. Austria (place 23) – I didn’t know I had this song as one of my qualifiers, I think the song is nice but it will be too forgettable in Kyiv. It’s also more a radiosong than a song that needs to be performed live.
  3. Russia (place 41)
  4. F.Y.R. Macedonia (place 22) – I have this song as one of my qualifiers right now but I don’t want her to qualify so I’m definitely changing this. I’ve heard her sing live and I was very disappointed so my opinion about the song has completely changed.
  5. Malta (place 40)
  6. Romania (place 26)
  7. The Netherlands (place 14) – I think this song is nice and it deserves a place in the final, I often find myself singing this song.
  8. Hungary (place 2) – Right now I have this song at the second place in my list but I’ll probably drop it a few places because there are other songs that I’m starting to like more.
  9. Denmark (place 35)
  10. Ireland (place 5) – This song is really growing on me, I’m considering putting it at the second place in my list.
  11. San Marino (place 24)
  12. Croatia (place 27)
  13. Norway (place 4) – I still think this song is nice but I’m starting to worry about how the song and performance will work out on a bigger stage.
  14. Switzerland (place 20) – The song is decent but I’m still waiting to see the performance, they really need something memorable.
  15. Belarus (place 15) – I think this is a nice song that deserves a place in the final, but it’s not one of my absolute favorites so I won’t be mad if it doesn’t go through.
  16. Bulgaria (place 21) – This is by far the most popular song in this semi-final so it definitely will qualify, I think the song is okay and it deserves to qualify but it’s not one of my favorites.
  17. Lithuania (place 42)
  18. Estonia (place 9) – I don’t even know why I like this song but I definitely want it to qualify.
  19. Israel (place 32)