Today the other nine contestants from the first semi-final have rehearsed for the first time on the big stage in Kyiv. Here are my thoughts about those rehearsals:


I think with this staging Greece is certain of a place in the final. Her standing on the platform doesn’t really give her a chance to move around so I don’t know how this will work out in a 3-minute song. I think the dancers give a nice touch to the song and the performance overall. I still don’t like the vocals, especially with the backings but I hope they still make some changes towards the semi-final next week.


This is the type of staging that I was expecting from Poland. There’s no big difference with how she has always performed the song before this rehearsal. She said that the performance would be dark and emotional but from the video below, I don’t really get that dark feeling. I think the song will qualify because of the juries, but I don’t expect many people to vote for this since the performance looks quite forgettable.


I wasn’t a huge fan of the backing vocals in the Moldovan national final so I’m not that happy that they are on stage again in Kyiv. I think their voices kind of ruin the song. But in the video below I don’t really hear them, so I hope their presence is mostly just for the performance. I think it’s really going to depend on the camera angles for Moldova. It could look really cool and fun, but it could also look quite messy with everyone on stage. I do love the fact that they’re so energetic and I believe that people will vote for it because it’s so memorable, especially since it’s being performed right after Poland.


This rehearsal was actually better than I expected it to be. In the national final the performance was way too messy with all the lights and the projections. It much more simple now and her outfit adds something to the performance so I’m quite surprised with Iceland. I still don’t think this will qualify though, it’s just way too forgettable in this semi-final. And I don’t really see what else they can do to make the staging even better, it’s already at its peak in my opinion.


I’ve read a lot of positive reactions about this rehearsal, but I don’t get them at all. I’ve already seen the full rehearsal and I don’t know what people are talking about. I think the staging is boring. And because the song isn’t that spectacular either I don’t have high hopes for Czech Republic this year. I don’t really like the fact that the videoclip comes back to the staging because it’s not refreshing. I already know how the video looks like and I don’t want to see that again in Kyiv. I really wish they had done something sweet with the song because it’s not that bad. The staging now really makes me forget about it.


First of all I have to say that I was pleasantly surprised with his live vocals. The staging was okay, it gave me a nice feeling. But I’m quite bothered that everyone keeps comparing it to Loïc Nottet (ESC 2015). I mean, I absolutely get why people would say it because it does look alike. But black and white are just colors, everyone is free to use them. And Hovig also uses red in the projections at one point, so I’m not going to compare it to any other staging. I think he still needs to work on his dance moves because that was just bad. But overall I think this has potential and it could qualify, if everything is perfect in the semi-final next week.


I’m a little bit disappointed with this rehearsal. Compared to the videoclip this staging just looks boring. I was really hoping for more dancers on stage. I know that the outfits will change so I think that will also give another touch to it but overall I’m not happy. This song was something else and it was one of the few songs that really was celebrating diversity this year. I’m still rooting for it to be as nice as the videoclip but I’m not as convinced as I was before. The projection in the background looks nice. But I’m still hoping for major changes in the semi-final next week.


For me this performance is the best, for this type of song. They couldn’t make it any better. I’m convinced that this won’t qualify, but I have the feeling that the juries will appreciate the song because of the vocals. The overall performance looks very classy but unfortunately also a bit dated. There’s nothing new going on, nothing special. But I completely blame the song for that.


This performance is almost the exact same as the one in the national final. I think overall it’s something different and that’s always a good thing. I like the colors, although it can be a bit too much at some points in the performance. It all depends on the camera angles. For me the staging really stands out, especially following a rather dull performance from Slovenia. So I think this is a qualifier.

Personally, I think the rehearsals we’ve seen today weren’t as good as the ones yesterday. I think we saw a lot of songs that still need work but that have massive potential. I’m thinking about Armenia, which I thought was the best of today in spite of the fact that I had higher expectations. Cyprus looks promising too in my opinion, if he improves his choreography. Latvia is definitely the most memorable one and Czech Republic on the other hand is the most forgettable. Slovenia made the best out of it, but the song couldn’t be saved. Greece and Poland make good impressions but aren’t great, in my opinion. Iceland was decent, but it won’t be good enough to qualify. And last but not least, Moldova had the most fun performance of the day. Here’s my top nine of today’s rehearsals:

  1. Armenia
  2. Moldova
  3. Latvia
  4. Greece
  5. Cyprus
  6. Poland
  7. Iceland
  8. Slovenia
  9. Czech Republic