With the rehearsals from Armenia, Slovenia and Latvia, every country from the first semi-finals has performed for the second time in Kyiv. Here are my thoughts about those final three rehearsals and the overall view I have right now.


I’m still so disappointed that there are only two dancers with Artsvik on stage. I was really hoping for the same effect as in the music video. But everything else is just perfect. The colors look great and the projections and use of light fits perfectly with the song. Armenia has a big chance at winning this semi-final. I think the song is very memorable and the performance adds up to that. I think this has been one of the most expensive stagings because it really looks impressive to me. Top 5 for Armenia this year!


Like I already said before, I think this is the best possible staging for this song. It really elevates it and makes it look classy. So well done Slovenia. But unfortunately that won’t be enough to qualify, I predict. The song just isn’t strong enough to survive this tough semi-final. I don’t really know how the juries will rate this, it’s a classic Eurovision-ballad but in my opinion there are better ones from that kind this year. So we’ll see …


I think this is a very memorable performance, especially since it’s the last performance of the semi-final. I think this will give people a nice feeling going into the voting. The use of color is very original and unlike any other performance. At some point, it does look a bit messy for me. So I hope they still choose to change the camera angles slightly. But overall, this song is a nice change and I really expect it to qualify.

In my previous post I already had seven qualifiers from this semi-final. I would definitely add Armenia and Latvia to those. So that means I still need one more country. I would personally say that Poland deserves the most to qualify from the countries that are left. But I just can’t imagine a final without Australia or fan favourite Belgium. So I’m very excited to see how everything will work out. I still think this semi-final is extremely hard with both successful countries as successful songs.