On Friday the 5th of May, the Big Five and host country Ukraine had their first rehearsals at the International Exhibition Centre in Kyiv. Here are my thoughts about these rehearsals:


I think this staging looks great, but it’s not that obivious without the right camera angles and shots. When you look at it from a distant it looks really messy and you can’t really tell what they are showing. I can see potential in those projections, though. The vocals are good as well, but that not strong in the chorus, like I expected. I do think it’s a bit boring with just her on stage, two dancers could have really changed the entire thing. I expect a good score for France in the final, since this is a popular song.


This song doesn’t get to me at all, I just don’t like it. And the staging right now doesn’t make it any better so the overall package hasn’t improbed in my opinion. I just think this type of staging say nothing, it has no message in it. Neiter does the song, but the staging could have saved it at some levels. Now, it’s just an entire disappointment for me.


So over to the so-called winner of the Eurovision Song Contest 2017. Of course I am more critical for Italy now that they are so popular with both fans and bookmakers. I think the staging right now looks a bit messy, there are a lot things going on. I don’t really like the backing vocals, and especially four of them. I think they really fill the stage, but with them being there the gorilla slightly loses my attention. I don’t really know what to look at with this staging. The camera angles and cuts will absolutely make a difference but the overall impression I get right now is busy busy busy.


This is a very radiofriendly song and the studio version is actually quite good. I just think this song doesn’t really work on stage. The visuals are very well chosen and quite impressive for a country like Spain, but it still gets a bit boring for me. Manel can’t convince me with his vocals or his performance. And the guys singing along to it, are just bad. I hate them. I think this will be in the bottom three or four in the fina. This can’t possibly do any better.


I have always thought that this song was so much better live than in the studio version. And Lucie Jones delivers the song with raw emotion, I just love watching her perform. The staging looks amazing, with the mirror and the use of color and the sudden fade to black towards the end of the video below, I just think it’s all very clever. I can possibly see a top 10 place for the United Kingdom this year because I really believe this could do well with the juries. Don’t really know about the televotes, though.


This is one of the hardest songs to judge. It will definitely stand out in the final because it’s so different than all the other songs. And I quite like the song as well, and I now like the staging/performance too. But there’s just something missing for me and for a lot of people to make it really big and important. I hate the backing vocal, please get rid of him. As I said, the performance is nice but in spite of the differentness of everything it still manages to be forgettable. I don’t know if this makes any sense, but that’s how I feel about Ukraine.

Here is my top 6 of the discussed rehearsals:

  1. United Kingdom
  2. Italy
  3. France
  4. Ukraine
  5. Spain
  6. Germany