On the sixth and seventh day of rehearsals at the International Exhibition Centre in Kyiv we saw the performers from the second semi-final having their second rehearsal. Here are my thoughts about those rehearsals:


I don’t think this performance elevates the song. I don’t really like the song itself and now the performance doesn’t impress me either. I think the backing vocals are terrible. The first rehearsal looked slightly better than this one. For me, the stage looks too big for the song and the performance. I hope the dancers brings something more exciting, but that’s only in the last minute. So yeah, the first song of the semi-final is a disappointment.


This song has always been nice but the song itself wouldn’t have made it to the final. This performance actually blows me away. I think it fits the song perfectly and it makes it very memorable, something that this song absolutely needed. I can really see Austria qualifying with this performance. It’s a very positive song with a nice message and it really reminds me of Malta 2013. That was a similar song but it did great in the final so I predict Austria to be the dark horse this year.


In the beginning I was really surprised by this song and I thought it was very nice. But then I heard Jana sing at a few pre-parties and I just thought her voice was a joke. Since then my estimation of this song has lowered and lowered. Her second rehearsal actually wasn’t bad, her voice has slightly improved but I still don’t like the nasal sounds. The staging overall looks a bit cheap to me. And her dancing skills aren’t that great to be dancign alone the entire time. I think it’s a nice song when you hear it on the radio, but the live performance doesn’t do justice to it. This doesn’t deserve to qualify, in my opinion.


In a way, this song is actually very suitable for Eurovision. It’s that typical dramatic ballad. I think Claudia looks really classy on stage and everything matches. I just don’t think this has a chance at qualifying since it’s so forgettable. I feel like the juries should absolutely award her with some points, because she’s vocally great but the song itself doesn’t convince me.


I have no doubts about this song qualifying. It’s catchy and the vocals are quite good as well. Is it one of my favourites? No. I still don’t really like the performance. I have to admit that it’s very positive and happy but I think a viewer that has never seen this performance before, so someone that isn’t used to this, will have no clue what is going on. He’s rapping, she’s yodeling, they suddenly bring out cannons, the background shows almost everything that is possible to show and on top of that they do these weird dances. I get that they want to represent a lot of fun and they do, but it looks so messy in my opinion. It’s like, what else can we put in the performance?


I don’t really know what to say about this. I mean, vocally they are amzing. I like the song and the performance as well, I can’t really see what else they could have done with it. I really believe this should qualify but in a way I’m not certain that it will. They really want to stand out with their harmonizing voices and while you watch the performance, it really makes an impression. But then a few songs later, you have kind of forgotten about this.


I think this a performance that really grabs your attention for the full 3 minutes. There is a lot going on, but it’s structured in a way that it doesn’t become messy to look at. I think this will be one of the best performances of the second semi-final. It’s really celebrating diversity and it’s interesting to look at. I also love the song itself, because I have a soft spot for native languages. For me this whole package stands out and in my opinion should definitely qualify.


When I first saw she was wearing the red dress again, I had to laugh so hard. In a way it’s also quite sweet, it seems like this is her lucky dress or something. I don’t really understand how the first semi-final looked completely different than this one. Right now, it’s like I’m watching the Danish national final again. It looks very similar. I don’t really mind that. I mean, the song is very restricted and there aren’t many possiblities in the range of staging. So overall, I’m pleased with how everything looks like. I just can’t help but hate the song and her vocals. For me, she doesn’t sing but she screams the entire chorus.


I don’t really know if my opinion about this rehearsal is correct because I just love this song and the message of it. I love his voice, yes it’s feminine but you can’t help but listen to it. I think this performance looks amazing. I’m not going to say anything more than that, but I think everyone agrees with me that this is something memorable. Like, you can’t forget that you have seen this. And I predict that a lot of people will refer to him as the guy with the balloon, but that’s a good thing because then people actually talk about it and hopefully vote for it as well.

Personally I think that from these nine rehearsals, the following countries deserve to qualify:

  1. Austria
  2. Hungary
  3. Ireland
  4. The Netherlands
  5. Romania