On the sixth and seventh day of rehearsals at the International Exhibition Centre in Kyiv we saw the performers from the second semi-final having their second rehearsal. Here are my thoughts about those rehearsals:


For me, this performance is very underwhelming and I think the song actually deserves something better. Right now, it looks very cheap and not worthy of the final at all. I can’t understand that they have chosen for those outfits, with that stupid cap she’s wearing. The song is a lot of fun but the performance doesn’t really represent that. I think this will have no shot at qualifying, since the juries won’t award this with any points, in my opinion. Too bad, because I really think Valentina is a great artist.


I’m very much impressed with this performance. The song has always been something special for me, but the performance has made it ten times better. I think it gives such a special effect that he sings those two voices at once and I hope people will vote for this. Personally, I think this is the best male vocalist we have this year because he can do everything. And I think the juries should reward him for that. The staging looks great as well, very expensive and suitable for the song. This deserves to qualify.


I really like the studio version of this song and the live vocals are great as well, there’s nothing wrong with it. But I just think this performance isn’t interesting enough to watch for 3 minutes. The camera angles confuse me, and they look amateuristic. It does have some good elements in it, with the use of light and the masks, that’s all very clever. But the rest of the performance and staging doesn’t add up to that.


I can’t help but think this performance will be boring. In the video below we get a look at what will probably be the most interesting part of it: where she walks down the stairs. But the two minutes before that, she will have been standing there on that platform and for me that just sounds boring. Nothing will be going on until the last minute of the song. I don’t see this qualifying, although I think the song itself is quite nice and she’s vocally good as well.


The first rehearsal quite disappointed me, because I had high expectations of the performance. Right now, I again have more faith in this song and the staging. It’s very positive with a lot of energy and I can imagine people voting for it. I just wish they had used a different color scheme, the light colors don’t really fit the song. I wish they had used more brown tints, that would have been a nice reference to the music video.


Bulgaria is very popular this year and is even a contender for the title. I still don’t really get why, the song is nice and he’s an amazing performers but overall it doesn’t impress me that much to be a winner. The performance from the second rehearsal was great, I love how everything in the projections revolves around him. That looks very professional. But overall, it doesn’t move me. I don’t get winner vibes from this song or the performance.


I still can’t see this qualifying but I can now appreciate the song. It’s not great, but also not the worst. I think red really suits this performance because red is a very powerful color and so is the performance. She is vocally great, nothing bad about that. I actually believe that it will stand out, because it’s unlike any other song in the competition. Unfortunately for Lithuania, I don’t think that will result in them qualifying.


I still really like this song, and I like both of them as individual artists. They just don’t really convince me as a duo. As I said several times before, they don’t sing the song together. They are so far apart from each other on stage. I don’t feel chemistry and that’s so important for a duet. I still believe that it should qualify and that it will because it’s very classy and I can see why people would like this. I do hope they improve their performance and that, in the part at the end of the song where they stand together, the magic of the duo comes through and convinces everyone. If that happens, this could be top 10 in the grand final.


The first rehearsal really impressed me and that hasn’t changed. I don’t like the song itself but the performance saves it for me. I’m not convinced at all about his vocals, because I still think they are rather bad. But the performance and staging look great. I love choreographies and Israel is one of the few countries this year that has a choreography. For me, that shows effort and hard work. I appreciate that. Normally I would have never picked this song as a qualifier but the performance has to rewarded, in my opinion.

In my previous post I already had five qualifiers from this semi-final:

Austria – Hungary – Ireland – The Netherlands – Romania

So I need five more. Based on the first and second rehearsals, these are the other songs that I believe deserve to qualify:

  1. Croatia
  2. Israel
  3. Belarus
  4. Estonia
  5. Bulgaria