Tonight the second semi-final of the Eurovision Song Contest 2017 will take place in the International Exhibition Centre in Kyiv. Eighteen countries will compete against each other to qualify for the grand final this Saturday. Only ten out of the eighteen songs will make it. Here are my absolute final thoughts about the second semi-final.

I have always said that this semi-final is less hard than the first one. I do think this semi-final has better songs, but from more unexpected countries. A lot of songs in the second semi-final could be considered as dark horses. While in the first semi-final there were a lot of definite qualifiers, there’s hardly one in this semi-final. So that’s why I think it will be much more exciting tonight.

Bulgaria is absolute favourite to win this semi-final so there’s no doubt that they are qualifying. I also think the song is quite nice and the vocals are perfect so I can see why everyone likes the song. I still don’t think it’s a winner, but it’s top 5 material for sure. Romania is like Moldova from the first semi-final, but then even more popular. It’s a very memorable performance with a lot of fun elements in the performance. I still think it’s a bit too much but I hope the entire performance will look more sophisticated with the right camera angles and shots. I don’t really know why, but I have always had the feeling that Estonia would qualify without any problems. And I still haven’t changed my opinion about that.

So right now, we have three qualifiers: Bulgaria – Romania – Estonia

The fourth qualifier will be The Netherlands. At first the song didn’t really get to me, nor to a lot of other people. But I really think the rehearsals have created new possibilities for The Netherlands. The live vocals are extremely good and the performance itself really fits the song so the entire package is great. So I do believe that these three sisters will qualify. The fifth qualifier will probably be Denmark. She seems to be very popular with fans and with the bookmakers. I hate this song with a passion, I think she doesn’t sing it but she screams the lyrics. I just don’t like it at all. So I’m a bit bothered that this will qualify.

There are only two countries that have no chance at qualifying: San Marino and Lithuania. The last country is in nearly every top the least favourite song. So I can’t imagine that people would vote for it now. San Marino has a nice song and I love Valentina Monetta but the overall performance doesn’t impress at all, so I’m quite convinced that San Marino won’t make it to the final.

That means there are still eleven countries left that could qualify to the final:

Serbia – Austria – Macedonia – Malta – Hungary – Ireland – Croatia – Norway – Switzerland – Belarus – Israel

I think Serbia won’t qualify because for me the live vocals aren’t impressing at all, neither is the performance. I actually never liked the song to begin with, but I certainly don’t like it right now. And I also think people won’t really vote for this. The same case with Malta, I can’t imagine people voting for this like crazy. She does deserve votes more than Serbia because her vocals are on point and the performance is very classy. But I’m convinced that she will mainly receive points from the juries. Switzerland probably won’t go through either because there are a lot of things missing in both the song as the performance.

Hungary will qualify and really should, in my opinion. I think this is a very unique song and so suitable for this year’s theme. Ireland, Croatia and Belarus also really stand out in my opinion. And I think especially Croatia will catch the attention from a lot of people. I don’t know if that will result in votes but I really believe it should. I think from these three countries Belarus has the lowest chance at qualifying because I don’t think a lot of people will vote for it, but everyone will like it and appreciate it. So I think Croatia and Ireland will qualify, Belarus won’t.

That leaves us with four countries. And I’m so not sure of anything at this point. All these songs could either be very popular with the juries or either very popular with the televoters. But not with both of them. I think the juries won’t like Israel, but the fans will. Same thing for Macedonia. I just think their vocals aren’t that impressing. But I can still see Israel qualifying, though. The performance besides the singing is just great and I think people will like it a lot.

The final place will be a battle between Norway and Austria, in my opinion. They both have good songs but I think the performance from Austria leaves a bigger impression than the one from Norway. So Austria is my final qualifier.

The following countries are the ones I think will qualify:

Bulgaria – Romania – Estonia – Denmark – The Netherlands – Hungary – Croatia – Ireland – Israel – Austria

The list above are the songs that I think will qualify, but I don’t necessarily want them to. This is my ideal list of qualifiers, in a random order:

  1. Ireland
  2. Hungary
  3. Austria
  4. Estonia
  5. Norway
  6. Croatia
  7. Bulgaria
  8. The Netherlands
  9. Romania
  10. Belarus